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Dorman 926 959 Aluminum Oil Filter Housing Installed and Tested!

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Upgrading to the Dorman 926 959

With as many oil filter housings we've seen fail on these Pentastar 3.6 V6 engines, it's about time someone came up with a proper fix.  Dorman stepped up to the plate with this super nice aluminum replacement part, and we just had to have it. We ordered the Dorman 926 959 from Amazon for our Jeep Rubicon and installed it along with some better 8-hole injectors and an improved lower intake manifold

Everything about this upgrade was a breath of fresh air. In a world full of cheap aftermarket parts that rarely fit, this appeared to be a high quality casting made right here in the USA! It installs just like the factory part and even comes with all the necessary gaskets and screws. While we were in there, we opted to replace the coolant hose that connect to it as well, simply because it is cheap and hard to get to once the manifold is back on. Simply follow the instructions in the service manual and replace the junk plastic part with this as there's no special requirements for anything else. Here's the install manual for the Dorman 926 959 in case you need it.

While we're in there

If you suffer from a case of "While we're in there" like we do, now is a great time to upgrade your lower intake manifold and injectors since all that needs to come off to access the oil filter housing. Both of these upgrades are just as easy as this one since they also don't require anything other than remove and replace, and again, they're already removed to get to the oil filter housing. 

Final thoughts on the Dorman 926 959

Now that we've had it for a while, we find the new housing to be a nice improvement. It hasn't leaked, and we have no reason to worry about it anymore. Also, oil changes aren't anything special, just do them as you normally would. The only difference in our case is that we now use a 2014+ model year oil filter. To clarify, if you install this upgrade on a 2011-2013 3.6, you'll now use the 2014+ oil filter - not a big deal, just a small change you should be aware of. 

If you found this article helpful, or you just want to help out, please consider purchasing your upgraded Dorman 926 959 oil filter housing using this Amazon link as it doesn't cost you anything and we'll earn a small commission.

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