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8-Hole Injector Upgrade

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With our Jeep engine out for replacement, we figured it'd be a good time to install these 8-hole injectors from the newer 3.6 PUG engine P/N: 05281427AA. They should theoretically improve atomization, which should improve fuel economy, reduce misfires, and produce better off-idle tip-in response. They come with new O-rings too, which is nice.

They dropped right in place of the stock injectors without any trouble:

The decision to run these injectors came after reading all I could find about them on various forums and Facebook groups. It seems the few who've done it are reporting a 0.5-1.5ish MPG gain in a JK and as much as 3 MPG in a Charger. Having just installed an 8-speed auto in our JK Rubicon, the data may not be as apples-to-apples, but we'll see once it is up and running and then report back here with the results. 

Also, check out the upgraded intake manifold and aluminum oil filter housing we did while the Jeep was apart! 

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